Green Media

The internet has made accessible vast quantities of faith-based environmental inspiration, yet at times the volume can be overwhelming.  We’ve pinpointed a few excellent faith-based eco-movies, YouTube clips, web sites and faith-based environmental organizations to enhance your environmental education.

Web-based eco-films & YouTube clips

  1. Bishop Eugene Sutton’s YouTube clip on the significance of the environmental sustainability in fulfilling our commandment of loving one another.
  2. PBS’ Moyers on America: Is God Green? Insightful analysis of the internal environmental debate among conservative evangelical Christians.
  3. On Faith & Fracking: An interfaith 10-minute presentation on the connection between our faith and the spiritual role of water and the potential harm caused by fracking. Hydraulic fracturing, a.k.a fracking, is a controversial new drilling method used to harvest natural gas. This video complements the Gasland 1 & 2 movies.


Hosting an environmental screening affords congregations deeper education about specific issues and also provides a springboard to discussions, classes, in-house presentations or book groups about the topic.

Interfaith Power & Light’s Eco Film Library offers a rich selection of movies to share with your congregation. Rentals are free.

Movie Topic: Climate Change:
Movie topic: Fracking and fossil fuel extraction:
  • Gasland 1 & 2: Outlines fracking and its harmful impacts to air, water,land and people.
  • Triple Divide:   Beautifully-filmed documentary about fracking in PA’s Potter County.
  • Do the Math –’s fossil fuels math required to keep global temperature rise to 2 ˚C.
Movie topics: Consumerism & Daily Living:

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