Announcing BALTIMORE ● Blue+Green+Just, an Environmentally-Minded Alliance

Friday noon, October 11th, the 19-member Steering Committee of BALTIMORE ● Blue+Green+Just announced this new organization of which GreenGrace is a founding member.

The intention of BlueGreenJust is to show Baltimore City leadership a new, positive approach for “a green, thriving, healthy and just city where every resident enjoys safe, nourishing green spaces, tree-lined streets, clean air, and clean water”.

Leaders of a small number of the alliance non-profits and others are in the planning process for a Mayoral/Candidates BlueGreenJust Forum in February where we hope hundreds will show up in support of our Vision and Platform.

Please visit our website,, for details.

If you’d like to be added to our growing list of Baltimore City residents who think its leadership “needs a better horse to ride” (and we think you should), please contact Dick Williams through our About Us/Contact Us page. Also, please get the Baltimore-based organization you work for, assembly you’re a member of or fellow book club members’ employers–whatever–to lend its support to this city-wide effort.

This is a GreenGrace call!