The internet has made accessible vast quantities of faith-based environmental inspiration, yet at times the volume can be overwhelming. We’ve pinpointed a few excellent faith-based eco-movies, YouTube clips, web sites and faith-based environmental organizations to enhance your environmental education.

Web-based Eco-films & YouTube clips

  • The Plastics Problem,” PBS documentary, 11/27/19 (54 mins.)
  • Plastic Wars,” PBS documentary, 11/27/19 (53 mins.)
  • Bishop Eugene Sutton’s YouTube clip on the significance of the environmental sustainability in fulfilling our commandment of loving one another.
  • PBS’ Moyers on America: Is God Green? Insightful analysis of the internal environmental debate among conservative evangelical Christians.
  • On Faith & Fracking: An interfaith 10-minute presentation on the connection between our faith and the spiritual role of water and the potential harm caused by fracking. Hydraulic fracturing, a.k.a fracking, is a controversial new drilling method used to harvest natural gas. This video complements the Gasland 1 & 2 movies.
  • Waterways: Ellicott City “We’re looking at all alternatives. They’ve got to take this much further or this town is doomed,” says Sally Fox Tennant, Ellicott City merchant. [A narrator of this 11-minute televideo:] “New Howard County Executive Calvin Ball plans to bolster the Howard County’s emergency public alert system, increase debris removal from streams and construct upstream floodwater retention facilities.”

Film Recommendations


Hosting an environmental screening affords congregations deeper education about specific issues and also provides a springboard to discussions, classes, in-house presentations or book groups about the topic. Interfaith Power & Light’s Eco Film Library offers a rich selection of movies to share with your congregation. Rentals are free.

Topic: Climate Change:

Topic: Fracking and fossil fuel extraction:

  • Gasland 1 & 2: Outlines fracking and its harmful impacts to air, water,land and people.
  • Triple Divide: Beautifully-filmed documentary about fracking in PA’s Potter County.
  • Do the Math –’s fossil fuels math required to keep global temperature rise to 2 ˚C.

Topics: Consumerism & Daily Living:


There are so many important films about the environment so we don’t intend ours to be exhaustive. But, as we build this list, we’ll be on the lookout for more films, including those suitable for our young children.


The Biggest Little Farm” (2018)

Sharkwater Extinction” (2018)

Wasted! The Story of Food Waste” (2017)

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” (2017)

Chasing Coral” (2017)

Before the Flood” (2016)

Beautiful Swimmers: Revisited” (2016)

City of Trees” (2015)

Merchants of Doubt” (2014)

A Plastic Ocean” (2013)

The Last Mountain” (2011)

Dirt! The Movie” (2009)

Young Teens & Children-

The Biggest Little Farm” (2018)

WALL-E” (2008)