by Laurel Peltier, Church of the Redeemer, Baltimore

Many of our Episcopal parishes and parishioners have chosen an energy third-party supplier. In Maryland, there are over 60 suppliers vying for our energy business. WYPR ran a good short overview of supplier issues.

We’ve reviewed several parish utility bills and most paid significant price premiums compared to their local utility supply rates. It is possible to save versus your utility and even choose renewable energy supply, but tricky.

Laurel Peltier, GreenGrace volunteer, has been reporting about suppliers and suggests:

Parishes can’t “set it and forget it.” Leaving regulated utilities for deregulated suppliers involves a business contract with expiration dates and cancel fees. Many parishes have forgotten to renew their contracts and paid pricey variable rates. Utility rates are fixed.

For BGE account holders, please see this online guide how to compare your rates.

Smaller parishes should stick with regulated utility rates.

Larger parishes should use a broker to access best rates and stays on top of contacts renewals.

Feel free to contact Laurel at [email protected] for advice.